Apply Now

Step 1: 
Employer Application

Fill out a employer application with your company’s information to be approved for participation in the program.

This information will be sent to our grant manager to confirm eligibility for the program. Upon receiving your employer application, a representative will contact you on behalf of the program to provide any needed assistance.

Step 2:
Placement Application

Fill out a placement application letting us know the details of the work assignment you would like to hire for (duration, wage paid, duties, etc.). 

If you would like to hire students for multiple different roles, please fill out one placement application per job description.

Step 3:
Student Match

If you already have a candidate in mind, they can complete a student application form with proof of post-secondary enrollment, and your application will be processed.

If you’d like our help in finding a suitable candidate, we can help you find the right match. Select "I would like help finding a suitable candidate" in your placement application and a representative will assist you in finding candidates.